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Made In Greece


El Greco

Dies ist Ihr Thread!

Sie können hier produkte posten, die in Griechenland gemacht oder konzipiert oder sogar Co-Realisierung (vorzugsweise High-Tech, IT & Industrial News).

EAB-Hellenic Aerospace Industry




Neuron is the "European UCAV technology demonstrator". This delta wing stealth Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle (UCAV) project is the final phase of the French Dassault Aviation LOGIDUC 3-step stealth "combat drone" programme. Until June 2005, the UCAV nEUROn design was a full scale evolution of the twin-engine AVE-C Moyen Duc (2001) tactical UAV whose appearance was inspired by the stealth bomber Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit. The full scale replica unveiled at the Paris Air Show 2005 revealed the original design was revised to a "less ambitious" single-engine delta. The nEUROn development, originally planned by Dassault as "AVE Grand Duc", evolved to an European cooperation including Swedish Saab, Greek EAB, Swiss RUAG Aerospace, Spanish EADS CASA and Italian Alenia. As a "technology demonstrator", a reduced number of units will be produced to explore new operational concepts for a future generation of autonomous stealth fighter aircraft that will be produced in 2020 or 2025.

-Iris-T missile

In 1995, Germany announced the IRIS-T development program, in collaboration with Greece, Italy, Norway, Sweden and Canada. Canada later dropped out.

Workshare arrangements for IRIS-T development are:

* Germany 46%
* Italy 19%
* Sweden 18%
* Greece 13%
* 4% split between Canada and Norway.

In 2003 Spain joined as a partner for procurement.

The Luftwaffe took first delivery of the missile on the 5th of December 2005.



-Leonidas II APC


Old photo showing the production


-Kentaurus AIFV


-Leopard 2A6 HEL (co-production)


-Aletis (model car)




Unibrain S.A.

-ME2 1.8" external drive (one of the smallest available with max. capacity of 60GB)


-iZak™ Portable Multimedia Center

-board camera

Crypto S.A.

Crypto SA has established a very strong brand name in Greece and has obtained a high market share for it's products being synonymous with quality and value for money.

Crypto SA sells to retailers, computer shops, wholesalers, distributors and VARs.

The Crypto sales channel covers the whole area of Greece and is rapidly expanding to other European Countries. A daughter company has been established in Bulgaria to support the local market.

Furthermore Crypto's products are sold through distributors and resellers to many European countries like Austria, Hungary, Romania, Cyprus, Serbia & Montenegro, Georgia, Poland, Italy, Malta, Germany etc

MuVi 24 Multimedia Player


TV tuners


The Intelligent Battle Management System, iBMS, utilizes state-of-the-art technology in order to increase situation awareness in the battlefield, which ultimately means aiding the decision making process during battle.It is deployed in Tanks, Combat Armoured Vehicles, Reconnaissance Vehicles as well as Unit Command Stations. Its intended used is at the infantry aromoured battalion level and below. It supports unit commanders and staff, subunit commanders, platoon commanders, vehicle commanders and drivers. It also supports mortar platoon leaders, officer liaisons etc. The system completely lies in the operational tactics and organization of the Hellenic Army.


Intracom S.A.

Defence electronics

The iBMS system


El Greco

Hellenic Shipyards :cool: :cool: :cool:

In February 2000 HSY undertook as Prime Contractor the procurement of four (4) class 214 Submarines.

This is the most advanced conventional submarine in the world and the Greek State was the first in the world to order it. The contract award provided for the building of the first submarine at HDW’s Kiel yard and for the building of the other three (3) submarines in Greece at HSY premises.

Submarine construction at HSY started in 2002-following the investments for the creation of the necessary infrastructure- while the first Kiel-built submarine, named PAPANIKOLIS was launched in Kiel, Germany on April 2004.

Further to the class 214 Program, in 2002, HSY was also awarded by HMOD the contract for the Mid Life Modernization and repair of three (3) type 209 HN Submarines (Neptune II Program).



Rokas Group (now owned by spanish Iberdrola, the factories remain in Greece)

Port Equipment


Industrial Equipment

El Greco


If you are in Central or Eastern Europe or Russia probably you are drinking Coca-Cola (and the rest of the brands of the company) from a Greek company (the second largest bottler after Coca Cola US)




El Greco

Hellenic Defense Systems S.A.

All pics and info from their website.

Defense Products
-Grenade launcher

-MP5 submachine guns

-Artemis 30 The Twin 30mm Cannon Carriage

-Artemis-30 / Skyguard Low Level Air Defence System

Civil products
-Wind Generators


El Greco


NEORION Shipyard was established in 1861. Located on the island of Syros, in the heart of the Aegean Sea, it soon became famous for the quality of its services, provided by some of the most experienced craftsmen in the Mediterranean.

In the wake of technological evolution, NEORION underwent a wide expansion during the early seventies, emerging as one of the most competitive ship - repair centers in the area.

Today, NEORION Shipyard is flexing again its steel muscles, meeting the challenges of the 21st century.

Privately owned by since September 1994 by NEORION New S.A. Syros Shipyards, manned by expert managers at all levels and with an extensive modernization program already under way, NEORION steams again full-speed ahead into the New Era, flying high the flag of quality and reliability in the service of the shipping industry.

In 1997, Neorion acquired another big shipyard, Elefsis Shipyards, while it diversified into new fields (like the construction of luxury mega-yachts, and even subcontracting work for aerospace companies) and is fully active today in the form of the powerful Neorion Group of Companies, having entered a new era in its long history.


Luxury Cruise Vessels

A line of giga-Luxury Yachts complying fully with the latest SOLAS regulations and furnished with all the certificates required as Passenger Vessels for International voyages is currently being constructed in NEORION.
These luxury yachts are characterized by unique construction quality and high equipment standards with respect to the building procedure itself and by using the most modern technology in the fields of communication, safety, control - monitoring, audio - visual systems, integrated - navigation systems etc.

On one hand, the quality of their interiors is unsurpassed, equal to the best of the international market, on the other hand, the vessels are hydro dynamically optimised, even with respect to the wash effect.

Special attention has been paid to their design and construction in order to achieve low maintenance cost, the lowest possible fuel consumption, environmental protection and the maximum speed performance.

The construction of the vessels is focused on providing comfort and safety to their guests. This is achieved by means of vibration and noise control systems and by an air conditioning installation, which allows the temperature and humidity of each area to be controlled independently.

Modern equipment in all areas such us galleys, pantries, laundries and also garbage treatment systems USCG certified and biochemical treatment systems are used.
The retractable type stabilizers, the modern life boats and tenders, the diving equipment, the spa area which includes Jacuzzi, aquarium, saunas, steam baths, massage rooms, beauty saloon are assets which add to the unique standard of the yachts.
Furthermore, other more practical aspects such as first aid room, cameras, alarms and monitoring stations, a business center, home cinemas etc. are also of high priority.

Therefore, these vessels must be considered as innovative constructions, internationally competitive, which are supported by contemporary shipbuilding facilities in Neorion New S.A. Syros Shipyards and encompassing important investments already made and evolving continuously.

NEORION has invested over 12 million euros to support the construction and maintenance of these vessels. The infrastructure includes a syncro lift, which is one of the biggest in Eastern Mediterranean, with its land system as well as specialized sheltered areas for the completion and maintenance of the vessels.


Shipyards at Ermoupolis


El Greco

Greece has some other strong metal industries as well:
Halyvourgiki - ΧΑΛΥΒΟΥΡΓΙΚΗ

Halyvoyrgiki is one of the 3 large steel producers in Greece (along with SIDENOR - owned by Viohalco - and Halyvoyrgia Ellados - Hellenic Steel).



El Greco


Hellenic Petroleum S.A. is the largest oil refining company in Greece and with its roots dating to 1958 with the establishment of the first oil refinery in Greece (Aspropyrgos).
It adopted its current name in 1998, changing from the Public Petroleum Corporation S.A. (DEP), as the result of a corporate reorganization. It is a consortium of 9 subsidiaries and a number of additional companies of which it has varying degrees of management control.

It has an important presence abroad and a turnover of 8.6 billion Euro (14 billion $) annually.



El Greco


Miltech is a small Greek company that produces a lot of specialized products for Defense Applications and products.

Those are photographs of products of Miltech for the following systems:

Thales Air Defense - Arabel Fire Control system

Asrad - Anti Aircraft missile system (designed by Miltech for the Greek Army)


Migget Defense - Aerial Targets