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Endlosschleife Part 2: Mazedonier vs. Griechen

Makedonec do Koska

Des ist die Offizielle Seite von BBC History Magazine

Die 14 Einflussreichste und bekannteste Griechen:

Platz 9

Alexander the Great, 356–323 BC​

Despite his short rule, Alexander the Great transformed the ancient world in just over a decade. In 336 BC, after the assassination of his father, Alexander ascended the Macedonian throne at the age of 20; educated by the great philosopher Aristotle, he was an adept leader and strategist. Under his rule, Macedonia continued asserting its power within Greece. Even more impressively, Alexander conquered territories that were formerly part of the Persian empire without losing a single major battle, including Asia Minor, Syria and Egypt. At 25, he was leader of Greece, pharaoh of Egypt and overlord of Asia Minor, and for the next decade he consolidated his sprawling empire, which spanned three continents. His death at the age of 32 saw his empire broken up, and many historians have since questioned how much more he could have achieved had he lived longer. Today he is still considered one of history’s greatest military commanders.
Schön für Alex den Halbgriechen :^^: