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Jagex could have done to increase the life span of Runescape?


RuneScape isn't the ideal way to handle these modifications. Recommendation to senior management - Create an old School RuneScape "rebirth". It's currently a pay-to-play game, but you should be able to offer it to free players RS Gold. The past repeats itself when it comes to RuneScape's beginnings.

Don't be a pawn to younger players who want gambling back. Focus on repairing bots and bringing content back into the game - the game is DYING yet it's your last chance. I'd like to point this out: 'We won't ever implement a lottery.'

You didn't just break your word but also you had the nerve to say that the Wheel of Fortune is a gambling platform where you pay real money to get the game's rewards. This company is not one I'd recommend to my friends. I am not optimistic about the future of this company.

I was a paid member in an account that was old many years back. It was enjoyable and provided more content. My new account has allowed me to play more seriously and has allowed me to go deeper than ever before within the game. I'm currently at the level of a Mage (going to 99). I have made lots of money by selling drops Buy Old School RS Gold, high alching/flipping things.