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Kroatisches Dorf in den USA



Welcome to Adriatica at Stonebridge Ranch, Dallas Texas, United States of America. Bringing you holistic views commonly found in the towns and villages of Croatia.

For some, life provides one or more opportunities to take a trip to a special place near the southeastern tip of the island of Brac in Croatia. For centuries, the harbor village of Supetar has enchanted visitors with its special mix of villas and other residences, bistros, shops and small offices… a place where the lines between work and play are blurred.


Through the revolutionary vision Jeffory Blackard and the design skills of our premier planners, architects and developers, people in the United States can experience a precision replica of the Supetar experience without leaving North Texas. From an exacting reproduction of the village bell tower to re-creation of both the harbor and an ancient galleon, The Blackard Group is importing the sights and spirit of an old world community to America.

After more than two years of careful planning and preparation, Blackard’s dream is becoming a reality in the North Texas community of Stonebridge Ranch at McKinney. But the real story begins many centuries ago, thousands of miles away, in and around the tranquil harbor village of Supetar. Craftsmen harvesting stone, carefully and deliberately preparing it for use in a growing town. Artisans using the stone and other products of the town’s residents to create a unique place with an unmatched personality, reflecting the spirit and soul of the Croatian people.

The beauty and charm of this distinctly Mediterranean harbor town is being transported to Adriatica at Stonebridge Ranch in a venture estimated to exceed a $250 million investment. Currently under construction is the "Kastel" (castle), a 28,000 square foot office building for Keller-Williams Realty, the village’s first office building. The initial retail structure housing Starbucks has been completed and the tenants are open for business. Work has begun on the signature bell tower rising 128 feet into the air with two custom made Croatian bells. Work has also begun on the residential area of the village, with 75 villas and 297 condominiums and lofts available.

A central feature of the community will be the village harbor. Just as the harbor began defining Supetar nearly a millennium ago, the harbor at Adriatica will help define the inimitable community, providing a mooring place for a scale replica of an Old World sailing ship... the "Dubrovnik".


Attention to detail is the central to the replication strategy Blackard has for Adriatica. At a time when one neighborhood looks like the next, Adriatica will feature works of art created specifically for the village, including a hand-carved stone fountain requiring almost a year to complete. Authentic materials, careful designs and time-honored construction methods will be imported, backed by the craftsmanship and well-thought planning for which The Blackard Group has become known.

High marks for Blackard’s revolutionary vision already have been received from one of the project’s most discerning observers. Croatian leadership have labeled Jeffory Blackard as an unofficial ambassador to their nation because of his deep understanding and accurate application of their culture to the carefully planned, New World venture known as Adriatica at Stonebridge Ranch.

For more information visit:

Adriatica :: McKinney, Texas :: Another Blackard Development

Here are some pictures of the community currently under construction ...


















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EInfach nur der hammer was da errichtet wird!:hotsun:
Svaka im čast što su to gradili, mi smo tako cool:hotsun:
Das ist eigentlich blödsinn , wozu wandert man aus wenn man doch wieder auf die selben Leute trifft wie zu Hause.:rolleyes:
Das ist eigentlich blödsinn , wozu wandert man aus wenn man doch wieder auf die selben Leute trifft wie zu Hause.:rolleyes:

aus welchem grund bist du denn ausgewandert? um neue leute kennen zu lernen?:rolleyes:
normalerweise wegen wirtschaftliche /politische lage und so.. wegen den leuten eher das gegenteil. also ist doch geil :hotsun:

es gibt auch china italien und so in usa. alles bauen die dort, weil dann brauchen die nicht mehr so weit zum reisen.
Das ist eigentlich blödsinn , wozu wandert man aus wenn man doch wieder auf die selben Leute trifft wie zu Hause.:rolleyes:

Wieso treibst du dich im Balkanforum rum und suchst Kontakt,zu deines Gleichgesinnten und Landsmaennern/frauen?