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Wirtschaft Albaniens - Ekonomia e Shqipërisë - Economy of Albania

Albania has the lowest wages in Europe

As the call for Albanians to not apply for asylum in EU countries, as they will be rejected by the authorities, economic causes confirm such mass movement.

Unfortunately, what has been confirmed recently, has to do with wages in our country, as those the lowest in Europe.

Albanians are those who are paid less compared not only with the citizens of the European Union, but also to those of the region. 157 euros is the minimum wage that takes a person in Albania, lower than in other countries.

The country that ranks after Albania with 184 euros is Bulgaria, while in terms of our neighbors, such as Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro, minimum wages are higher there than in our country.

214 euros is the minimum wage in Macedonia, 235 euros in Serbia and 288 euros in Montenegro, while Kosovo registers missing data.

The country with the highest minimum wage is Luxembourg, 1923 euros, while in equal quotas are Belgium the Netherlands with 1,502 euros minimum wage. Germany is also one of the countries with the highest minimum wage to 1,473 euros. /albeu.com/

Albeu.com - Albania has the lowest wages in Europe
Albanian Debt Reaches Record 68,4 Percent of GDP

May 2, 2015

By the end of the first trimester of 2015, Albanian debt increased ot its highest level so far, reaching 68,4 percent of gross domestic product.

Albanian economists warn that, adding the unpaid central budget debt to different companies, total debt would amount to 1,05 trillion leks ( EUR 7,1 billion ) or 70,5 percent of the country's GDP.

Albanian Finance Ministry statistics show that, by the end of 2014, debt stood at 977 billion leks. The economy is growing, by about 2 percent per year.
Albanien macht seit einiger Zeit große Fortschritte im Bereich Energie. 2 Großprojekte sollen bis 2020 fertig gestellt werden und geben der Wirtschaft Albaniens dringend benötigte Impulse. Zum einen ist das die Trans Adriatic Pipeline sowie der Devoll-Stausee. Wer sich für Albanien interessiert, wird sicher gerne auch etwas über den Projekt-Status informieren wollen.


Pipeline construction in Albania


Devoll Hydropower

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