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Weltkulturerbe - Griechenland






Mt Olympus, covering 23,562 hectares in central Greece, has at long last been designated a national park in a presidential decree published Tuesday.

The area is divided into three zones, as well a fourth one on the Elassona side to prevent unwanted construction in the future.

Zone A (3,471 ha) forms the park’s core and is a protected area where only scientific research, forestry work and the maintenance of the E4 path are allowed.

Zone B (5,570 ha) includes all three climbing refuges located on the mountain and allows low-key ecotourism activities. Maintenance and improvement works will be allowed on the shelters but not the creation of new ones. Vehicles are allowed on existing roads.

New mountain shelters and facilities for visitors to rest are allowed in Zone C (4,521 ha), along with beekeeping, free-range grazing, agriculture and hunting.

Zone D on the outskirts covers 13,842 ha.